ClientCredentials and Open()


I just uploaded a bug fix that includes the following changes:
a) The channel is no longer created in the base class constructor, so that the user can control when this happens by calling Open() or by making the first call to a service operation like any other proxy
b) This also fixes a bug that causes the CLientCredentials reference to be immutable preventing you from setting credentials on the proxy, pretty important
c) The new code includes updates to constructors, Open(), Invoke() and adds a new EnsureProxy() call to be used from Open() and Invoke()
I tried to update the MSI but CodePlex won't let me at the moment so get this update from the Add-In source download for now. I'll close this issue once CodePlex lets me upload the new MSI. THe sample project also reflects this change.
Closed Jul 2, 2009 at 3:38 PM by michelebustamante
Ok, I was finally able to update the MSI by zipping it first. Note that this changes the link to the MSI as I removed the old file and added a new one. Go figure why an MSI was ok to upload before. It didn't even work renamed, had to zip it.