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This project provides an extension to Visual Studio 2008 to help you generate an exception handling WCF proxy to help you deal with faulted channels, timeouts and safe disposal.

People are really excited to use this in production applications, but it is very important that you test the use of this proxy thoroughly before you push to production. As I have used this with my own customers I have significantly improved the proxy, added features, found and fixed some unsupported contract scenarios, and fixed many bugs...but of course there can still be MORE scenarios that require some refinement of the type, or even some bug fixes!!! Please be aware of this and test accordingly!

UPDATED 07.11.09
Significant updates in this release.

Exception Handling WCF Proxy Generator
This custom tool extends WCFProxyGenerator to provide an exception handling proxy. It generates an additional proxy called ExceptionHandlingProxy<T> which inherits ExceptionHandlingProxyBase<T> - the latter of which implements the meat of the proxy's functionality. The result is that you can choose to use the default proxy that inherits ClientBase<T> or ExceptionHandlingProxy<T> which encapsulates managing the lifetime of the channel factory and channel. ExceptionHandlingProxy respects your selections in the Add Service Reference dialog with respect to asynchronous methods and collection types.

Here are the registy settings for the default and for the exception handling proxy generator:

You can also look the following mini webcasts which describe the problem space, and the solution (without the custom generator):
You can also go to the CodePlex site to find a related whitepaper, code samples and to watch the entire mini webcast series providing WCF guidance to WPF developers.

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Please try to use the discussion board for this project for any project-related questions and feedback. If you have a question not project-related you can email me, Michele Leroux Bustamante, at

Many thanks to Buddhike de Silva, a good friend of mine who put together the initial add-in and setup code for my proxy generator - because he knows all about that stuff and he rocks!

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